Did you know that Dolphins and Whales can talk to each other?


Well, you’re not alone neither did anyone else…up until now!

Location: New Zeland, Mahia Beach on the east coast of the North Island.

The Cast: Pygmy Sperm Whales and Moka the Bottle nose Dolphin

The Story: Two Pygmy Sperm Whales, a three-metre (10-foot) female and her 1.5 metre male calf, were apparently confused by a sandbar just off the beach and could not find their way back to open water.

Despite all human efforts to help the whales…nothing was succeeding and there were thoughts to humanely kill them to end their suffering. When all thought this was the end……

Enter Stage Right!….MOKA the Bottle nose Dolphin!


Moko became isolated from her pod for reasons unknown and decided at least for now, that Mahia was a kool place and decided to spend a little time there.

She has become famous for her playful antics at Mahia, which include playing in the surf with swimmers, approaching boats to be patted and pushing kayaks through the water with her snout. Though such close interaction with humans is rare among dolphins it is not unknown.

It seems Moka heard the distress cries of the whales and came to their rescue! The sounds or conversation between the whales and the dolphin could be heard by those present.

Then she escorted them about 200 metres (yards) parallel with the beach to the edge of the sandbar, did a right-angle turn through quite a narrow channel and escorted them out to sea! The whales haven’t been sited since their GOOD SAMARITAN, MOKA came to their rescue.

Humans have much to learn from the animals around us… The kindness shown by this dolphin to another species, makes one wonder what other secrets they have to impart with us if only we will listen and observe.